This month our focus sounds have been ‘s’ and ‘a’. These are the first two sounds of Phase 2 and although our children focus mainly on Phase 1, we like to introduce some letters to give them a head-start!

We like to learn our letters and the sounds they make using of lots of engaging and stimulating activities. This includes the use of sand, glitter, playdoh, paint, pipe-cleaners and lots of games such as I-Spy or Mystery Box! Have a look at some of the fun we’ve been having in the pictures below and see if you can use these letters at home, remembering to use their correct sounds (‘sss’ not ‘suh’ and ‘a’ like in ‘ants’!)

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A huge thank you to all of our families who made it to our Macmillan Coffee Morning, raising funds to help make a difference to the lives of people who are living with cancer.

Our staff and children baked up some yummy treats including chocolate muffins, rice crispy cakes, buns, flapjack and a very special glittery cake made by one of our lovely key carers.

If you baked some cakes or stopped by and donated some money we’d like to say an extra special thank you! We have raised over £300! Your money will help to support people whose health, family and jobs have been affected by illness. What a great example to set for our children!



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September is ‘All About Me’ month at Tiddlywinks! We’ve introduced lots of new children this month and many of us moved into our new rooms. We always like to start the school year with lots of activities to help us get to know our new Key Carers and our new friends. We also get to learn lots about ourselves!

We’ve been thinking about what we look like – and how we are totally unique! – by drawing and painting fabulous self-portraits.

We have thought about what we would like to be when we are older and played dress-up to try out lots of different jobs!

We’ve learnt about our bodies and all the amazing things they can do! We’ve even been singing a new Skeleton song!

In October we’ll be learning all about Autumn and we can’t wait to see what we get up to!


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As a special tribute to one of our favourite authors (and because we love an excuse to dress up!) we decided to take part in National Roald Dahl Day!

Our children made a fantastic effort to dress as their favourite characters including Mr Wonka, the Grand High Witch, Fantastic Mr Fox and Mrs Fox, Matilda and even some Oompa Loompas! Thank you to our brilliant parents for your support. The children had a wonderful day and did lots of Roald Dahl themed activities including making their own golden ticket, designing a hat like Mr Wonka and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Three cheers for Roald Dahl!

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All of our children in our Chadderton setting got together to sing songs, chatter and eat some yummy food!

We sang all our favourite songs including Leo the Lion and Miss Polly, and we told our friends what our favourite things to eat and drink are! The children chose lots of different foods as their favourite, including pasta, sausages, carrots and curry! After lots of singing and chatting we all had a big drink from our nursery water bottles and chose which sandwich filling we would like. Lots of helpers gave out plates and cups and we had a yummy picnic together!

Thankfully the sunshine lasted and we stayed dry. What a lovely afternoon!

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