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Tiddlywinks update their nursery Facebook page and website with termly nursery newsletters for you to keep updated about activities in which we have undertaken with the children and what fun activities and forthcoming events are happening at Tiddlywinks.


Spring 2017 Newsletter – Tiddlywinks Nursery School

A huge welcome to all of our new children who have joined our setting over the last few months. We have   loved   getting   to   know   all   of   our   new   children   and   can’t   wait   to   meet   everybody   starting throughout February onwards. Please can we ask parents / carers to send into nursery lots of pictures from home of family members so our practitioners can display these in the children’s rooms and talk about children’s families in nursery.

A very big congratulations to Ellie who left on maternity. Ellie had a baby boy called Ethan who is doing very well. Well done Ellie.

Also a big congratulations to all of our mummies on the birth of their new babies. We can’t wait to meet everybody! Please send in lots of pictures so we can talk about ‘new babies at home’ during nursery. We hope everybody is very well, we send you lots of love xxxx

We hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and a great new year. We had a great time in nursery with many activities taking place each day over the Christmas period.  We hope everybody liked their Christmas bags the children created over December that was made with lots of love and care from the children. Thank you to all parents / carers who took part and attended different activities that took place. It’s great to see everybody’s continuous support in working in partnership with us. Thank you! Over the Spring the theme of the month is Garden and Spring time where all rooms will be focusing on this theme with lots of activities for the children to get involved with.

The Cherries and Berries  have lots of sensory garden activities planned and lots of   spring and Easter crafts for the children to be taking part in. Both the Cherries and Berries room have lots of new toys for  the  spring  which have  been  set up  for  the children  to  now use.  The  Berries  have been focusing   on   their   outdoor   provision   area  adding  to   their   new   mud   kitchen   for   the   nicer   weather (hopefully) as well as new community play tricycles to help with the children’s physical development and walking. The Cherries have been focusing on sensory areas for our younger babies with new sensory resources and handmade sensory toys for the children to touch and feel.

The Apples children are focusing on physical activity and communication and language. The children have had new flooring put down upstairs and new resources to make more space for the children to have a bigger free play area.

The Pre-School  children have started to look at how flowers grow ready to start growing our own vegetable garden again. The children have been learning about different fruits and vegetables and have been walking to the shops every week to look at the foods there.

Gina the Giraffe and Binky Bear - Gina the Giraffe and Binky Bear our adventurer has had lots of fun taking it in turns to have adventures with the children in the Berries and Cherries he would very much like to have some new adventures so he may be coming to your house soon!

Transitions-All our children who have recently transitioned rooms are all doing well and settled in their new rooms. All children transition over a month’s period spending short amount of time in their new room  each  day while  they  get to  know their  new  surroundings and  friends. All  children  that transition rooms move with a small group of friends to make the transition smoother.

Bringing toys from home-Could we please politely remind you that we would prefer no toys to be brought in from home unless it is a comforter. It is difficult to part your child with the toy once they get in to their room and is also a distraction from their normal routine of coming in to nursery. If toys are brought in from home it will not be our responsibility if they become lost or misplaced or broken. Thank you for your co-operation.

Spare Clothes-Please can all children bring in a minimum of two spare changes in their allocated nursery bag not a rucksack or plastic bag even pre-school to allow for accidents, messy play and meal times. Also please make sure all clothes and new winter coats are labelled so as not to get mixed up or if they are misplaced they are easily identified.

Facebook-Please   like   our   facebook   page   for   all   recent   updates   and   news.   Our   facebook   gets updated regular with lots of pictures and information during the day of what the children have been doing. Our management try to update it very often   and try to include all children as best we can working around children’s different routines ect. We would appreciate it if you could rate our service on the facebook page and share as often as you can.

Don’t forget if you recommend us to a friend you will receive a £20 voucher from us for your continued loyalty.  Please let us know if you recommend a friend and they start with us by emailing x

Holiday Club-Our holiday club has limited spaces available for the upcoming holidays. If you would like   to   book   your   child   in,   please   speak   to   a   member   of   the   management   team   or   email   at

Baby Moves  – All Cherries and Berries now have a baby moves teacher. Rochelle visits us every Thursday for the morning and does lots of dancing, signing and physical development with the babies. The children have so much fun and really enjoy moving around the soft equipment.

Kids Rock – Madeline visits the Apples children every Thursday and does lots of singing and dancing with the children.  Madeline   follows the Early Years Foundation stage to promote children’s prime areas, communication and physical development.

Parents / Carers to link in with our ‘Theme of the month’ we are looking for parents / carers who are: Police  Officers,  Doctors,  Vets,  Dentists, Firemen,  Paramedics or   any  other  occupation who  'help others'. Please email if you would like to visit our setting and speak to the children about your occupation xx

Dates for your diary:

World book day - 2nd March 2017

Muddle puddle walk - 8th May 2017

Egg exploring - 20th March 2017

Mothers day - 24th March 2017 Coffee morning

Teddy bear picnic - 11th April 2017

We   hope   all   of   our   families   are   well   and   would   like   to   thank   everybody   for   your continuous support with us.  We really appreciate it and would like to  thank you  once again.