Parent’s perspectives on supporting their children’s learning

Tiddlywinks Nursery School works in partnership with the parent/carers within the nursery settings. We understand that parents may need support, therefore the key themes we have emerged include parental confidence, knowledge and skills, parental mental health, a positive relationship with the child’s nursery/preschool, and peer-to-peer support. Tiddlywinks Nursery School leads a meaningful partnership with our parent/carers. Our ambition is to implement practical approaches to strengthen parental engagement in children’s early learning. Ultimately, helping all children to achieve their full potential both at home and the nursery setting.

Tiddlywinks Nursery School provides services that could better support parent/carers to be more involved in their child’s early learning by using a variety of communication, drop off/ collection key workers are able to meet with parent/carers for a face to face hand over.

Day books are used for children under 2 which is perfect for small communication between parent/carers and key workers on a daily basis. Each child on enrolment is given a ‘development diary’ which is placed in the child’s individual nursery backpack to bring to and from each day. The diary will hold information such as sleep routine, food, toileting, other special requirements, where parents can add general notes for the key worker to read on a daily basis, this is a great way for parent/carers to communicate directly with the key worker. Our management team hold a floor diary, this is used on drop off/collection for notes and any messages shared from the parent/carer to the nursery setting.

Health visitor checks are very important and happen accordingly when children turn 2 years old, all children are entitled to their 2 year old checks with the Health Visitor. Please contact your Health Visitor for your child’s health assessment. Alternatively if you require any additional support, we do offer help and guidance with parent/carers within the nursery setting. Tiddlywinks Nursery School can book in advance any appointments with Health Visitors or outside agencies and work closely with them. We can support all children who may benefit from this and help progress the child’s individual  needs by tracking development stages throughout their time at Tiddlywinks Nursery School.

Tiddlywinks Nursery School MySchoolApp is great for parents/carers to keep updated daily of events/celebrations, nursery termly newsletters, our nursery menu’s, COVID-19 updates, nursery policy and procedures or urgent notifications and alerts daily. MySchoolApp is a great way for parent/carers to keep updated with nursery notifications as Tiddlywinks Nursery School aim to be paperless to support our forest school curriculum of ‘save the trees’.


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Tiddlywinks Nursery School Facebook & Instagram Page is a great way for all parent/carers to interact with the nursery setting.  We aim to update lots of pictures daily, videos and updates of all the  children within the nursery setting. Parent/carers also like to share weekend pictures to keep us updated with what our children have been busy doing during the weekend, this is then reflected during circle time throughout the week as a great way to communicate with children and talk about home life.

Tiddlywinks Nursery School works in partnership with parents/carers by holding parents’ evenings across the year. Parents' evenings are a great opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at nursery, levels of achievement and how well your child is thriving across their journey with Tiddlywinks Nursery School.  Parents evenings can help put strategies into place to support  your children's achievement and further progress, this key time can encourage parent/carers to become familiar with their child’s key carer and nursery practitioners.


BookTrust organisation within Tiddlywinks Nursery School

Bookstart provides free books and resources to every local authority in England, who then work across public services to meet local needs. Resources are delivered in person to families by health workers, libraries and early years professionals, and practitioners who support parents and carers, ensuring that every child receives their Bookstart packs.

Bookstart gifts free books to all children at two key ages before school to help families read together every day and inspire children to develop a love of books and reading.

Tiddlywinks Nursery School works closely with the local libraries who deliver the Bookstart packs for all the children within the nursery setting. The Bookstart packs are available in our nursery reception, please ask a member of management for more information regarding the Bookstart packs. Don’t forget to take a sneak peak at our ‘On the go Library’ children can borrow a nursery book and return once finished, all books are COVID safe and cleaned/sanitized before and after use. Tiddlywinks Nursery School ‘On the go Library’ is perfect for supporting parent/carers and children’s learning and development outside of the nursery setting, encouraging children to have a love for books and reading! 

Have a sneak peak of our reviews from our Book Trust Packs

'The Bookstart pack helped my child to speak English - the dual language books are a fantastic resource. Rhyme time in activities helps me interact with my child and encourage reading is fun!’

'The Bookstart pack helped my child to have love for reading books, we often walk to the library to find a new book to read at bedtime!’

'Tiddlywinks Nursery School gifted my son a book for his birthday and it is his favourite, he knows it word by word!’