Settling In Process

To secure your place you will need to check availability by emailing the nursery to see if the days/ sessions required are available and to discuss the start date you would like your child to start at Tiddlywinks.

Tiddlywinks will require you to fill in a registration form and hand it into nursery, along with signed terms and conditions and a deposit to secure the place (Please speak to the nursery management regarding the deposit as both nurseries have different policies).

Once the following has been handed into nursery then the nursery place is secure and you will be able to book some settling in sessions for the week prior to your child starting at nursery. Settling in sessions will help settle in your child, this is usually spread over 2 settling in sessions (the first settling in session will require parent/ carer to speak to key carer and fill in some information regarding child's starting point/ transition into nursery), if more settling in sessions are required then this is no problem and can be easily arranged at nursery.

If an out of nursery visit to your home/play group or childminder or similar we can arrange a visit to meet and greet your child in their familiar environment if this is preferred.

You will meet your child’s key carer and discuss your child’s care routine, likes, dislikes, specific needs and other information that will support your child to settle into nursery. Children may need time to settle when being introduced to new environments with new people, we encourage parent/carer to stay with their child where possible during these settling in sessions.

Starter Pack: A nursery bag (to put labelled spare clothes and belongings in), a day book for under 2’s (informing you of your child’s day), nursery coat which will stay at nursery, hat which will stay at nursery, drink bottle which will stay at nursery and an online journal (Tapestry) will be set up for your child on registering. Each child’s learning and development is recorded on their online journals, beginning with their gradual admissions where we are informed of their starting point through their starter booklet. We also plan activities around cultural festivals, celebrations and events and ask for information from parents about any religious celebrations, or additional languages (greetings, words and rhymes) that can be used within the nursery to broaden both the children’s and key carers knowledge and understanding. Key carers build personal relationships with both your individual children and yourselves; they ensure a smooth transition into nursery and provide high quality care and education for your child throughout your child’s time at nursery, enabling your child to feel happy and safe. Key carers engage and work with parents to ensure children are provided with excellent nursery experience.