Our Story

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Ramsbottom building process…


Tiddlywinks Nursery School Ramsbottom is a family operated business, established in 2006.

Building work began in 2006 on the Ramsbottom nursery site, the building contractors extended the nursery within a 4 year process making it 4 times as big as it originally was.


Tiddlywinks Nursery School completion finished during Summer 2010 taking over 4 years to rebuild and refurbish the entire Ramsbottom site.



The nursery building consists of 7 vibrant play rooms, outstandingly equipped with resources that promote all areas of learning and development as well an indoor jungle gym, an open-plan large playground, and each room has its own continuous provision play area equipped with a wide range of age-appropriate exciting activities to develop and enhance their current knowledge, understanding and skills. Resources and equipment are regularly updated from Community Play to ensure children have access to varied resources at all times.



Tiddlywinks Nursery School  aims to have the best possible environment and resources to enable teaching and learning. During 2018 – 2019 we introduced an ‘outdoor classroom’ for our Academy and Pre-school children, teaching and education is an important factor in development, our outdoor classroom promotes the best possible experience for children to learn and develop in all seasons and weather.


Tiddlywinks Nursery School Chadderton building process…


The development of Tiddlywinks Nursery School Chadderton began at the beginning of 2018 and was completed the same year ready for the opening day!

The nursery setting was previously known as a children’s care home closed its doors and the construction began. The process was hard work, the building contractors worked effortlessly to complete our amazing nursery based in Chadderton, Oldham.

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Chadderton is located on a main travel route towards Chadderton Town Centre, situated on a corner position, the side elevation is off the main road – Middleton Road route towards Oldham Town Centre.

The front of the building offers entrance and exit off the side road – Chadderton Park Road, easy assessable to the nursery secure car park which welcomes all visitors and parents/carers. Chadderton Park Road is located on  a residential road leading to a large community park and café.

The recently renovated three-floor, private day nursery which consists of 5 vibrant play rooms, outstandingly equipped with resources that promote all areas of learning and development as well two indoor jungle gyms, an outdoor sensory garden, an open-plan rooftop terrace and a large playground.



Tiddlywinks Nursery School Chadderton introduced further improvements with our  ‘outdoor classroom’ for our Academy and Pre-school children, this advantage allows our nursery practitioners to  teacher their lessons both indoors and outdoor.

Our outdoor classroom is based next to our sensory garden which is are a great option for children to have the choice to learn and develop outdoors in both areas across the day.


Tiddlywinks Nursery School BILLBOARD

Have you seen our nursery billboard located on Oldham Road, Middleton?


Tiddlywinks Nursery School Heywood OPENING 2023

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Ltd are expanding to the Heywood community.  We are excited to begin our journey and provide excellent childcare and education.

We pride ourselves on quality not quantity therefore feel we would have achieved our aim of providing our best efforts in three neighbouring areas deferring from further growth in order to remain manageable and sustainable.  

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Heywood will be opening the doors in January 2023.   Will you be joining us on our new nursery opening?

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates.