Tiddlywinks Nursery School Promotes School Readiness

School Readiness

The Early Years Foundation Stage  defines School Readiness as 'the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.' Tiddlywinks Nursery School recruits and holds up to level six qualified early years teachers across our settings who lead our Academy and Pre-school rooms preparing our children for school.

Our well experienced and knowledgeable practitioners implement The Early Years Foundation Stage through play based learning and show progress towards the Early Learning Goals (ELGs), which are the goals that children are expected to have achieved by the end of their reception year in primary school. Within the Curriculum, we have captured the Early Learning Goals and are offering a rich, exciting, varied and holistic curriculum to our children, which will enable children to meet these goals. Equally as important is children’s preparation for their future by ensuring that they are confident and capable individuals who are excited and motivated to learn.  

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Uniform is perfect for school readiness, we provide the best quality uniform available in various sizes. The uniform rail is located in your nursery reception to purchase during enrolment, please ask a member of management for more information regarding uniform.

Tiddlywinks Backpacks

Tiddlywinks Nursery School have now introduced nursery backpacks which are now available in your allocated nursery reception. On enrolment you receive your Tiddlywinks Backpack in your nursery pack and it is mandatory for all children to use their nursery bag, along with the child’s name labelled; this prevents lost or missing items. We can no longer accept plastic bags or individual child’s bags due to accessing them and keeping our staff members safe due to Covid 19. 

Tiddlywinks Nursery School Uniform

Under 2’s grey jumper                                 

Age 2-3 Polo t-shirt & black zip up jacket    

Age 3-4 Polo t-shirt & black zip up jacket    

Age 5 Polo t-shirt & black jumper