Settling In Process

Tiddlywinks Nursery School settling in process

To secure your place Tiddlywinks Nursery School you will receive a Registration pack during your nursery ‘show round visit’, this is required to be filled in and handed directly to your nursery management team at your convenience. The registration pack includes all information relevant in regards to signing your child up to our nursery setting, along with Tiddlywinks terms and conditions. To secure your nursery place a nursery retainer fee is payable at the nursery setting by card/cash. Settling in sessions can be booked a couple of weeks prior to your child’s start date at nursery, the settling in sessions will help settle in your child into nursery and make them familiar with the nursery setting, key carers and new friends.

If an out of nursery visit to your home/play group or childminder or similar is preferred, we can arrange this.  During the settling in session, you will be required to go through and fill in a booklet with your child's key carer with information regarding your child. You will meet your child’s key carer and discuss your child’s care routine, likes, dislikes, specific needs and other information that will support your child to settle into nursery. Children may need time to settle when being introduced to new environments with new people, we encourage parent/carer to stay with their child where possible during these settling in sessions.

Starter Pack: A nursery bag (to put labelled spare clothes and belongings in), a day book for under 2’s (informing you of your child’s day), nursery coat, nursery summer/winter hat and a drink bottle which will stay at nursery and will be set up for your child during registering.


Tiddlywinks Nursery School key carer system

When your child starts nursery, they will be assigned a key carer who will work closely with you and your child throughout their time at Tiddlywinks Nursery School. Your child’s key carer is responsible for their well-being, learning and development whilst at nursery and you are welcome to come and talk with them to discuss any issues. Your child’s key carer builds personal relationships with both your individual children and yourselves; they ensure a smooth transition into nursery and provide high quality care and education for your child throughout your child’s time at nursery, enabling your child to feel happy and safe. Your child’s key carer engages and works with parents to ensure children are provided with excellent nursery experience.

The nursery strategy when organizing a key worker system is always to have additional peers normally buddy workers, this gives children the choice of who they have a bond with and positive attachments, confidence with and independence to more than one practitioner. This equally allows for equal opportunity for working conditions for part time or term time, holiday time teachers and prevents any separation anxiety for children if a particular key carer was absent.