MySchoolApp is FREE for you to download and is part of the setting’s commitment to communicate with you, in a way that fits in with your life.

MySchoolApp allows:

  • Instant access to an up-to-date nursery calendar. Any events that are relevant to you, can be added to you own calendar with one tap on the screen.
  • Keep up to date with what is happening at the nursery. Read bite-sized news items and scroll through the school image gallery.
  • Push notifications sent by the nursery let you know the important stuff as well as helpful reminders (e.g. snow days, event reminders, fees due).

So, let’s get you started

The first step is to get MySchoolApp on your phone. The easiest way, is to use your phone to search on the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) for MySchoolApp.

Your App should look like this one with the multicoloured stick boy.

Alternatively, you can click one of the buttons below or point your phone camera at the QR code. Either method will take you to the correct page on the app stores.



More detailed instructions can be found by CLICKING HERE

You can watch a getting started guide below -