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‼️Dummy safety‼️

Dummies/pacifiers/soothers are an item many mum’s couldn’t go without for a day. However they do require us to pay special attention to them to ensure they are safe and clean.
Let’s see those beautiful babies with their dummies
Safety advise!
Do the pull test every time you are giving your child a dummy. This is pulling on the teat quite hard to ensure it doesn’t come apart or pull away at any place.

Always choose a dummy with a shield and ventilation holes.

Throw away any dummy that shows signs of wear and tear, including a rip, hole or even discolouration.

Regularly wash and sterilise dummy. It is advised that you do not wash in boiling water.

Check the manufacture leaflet to see how long you should use the dummy for. Some companies such as Mam recommend replacing every 2 months for hygiene reasons.

Never tie a dummy around a string or ribbon around babies neck or next to them in their cot as this poses a strangulation risk.